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We're redefining Indigenous housing;
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Thermolog Technology designed for life in Canada
Quick, Quality, Durable, Modular Builds (8 Workers/12 Days)
Authentic, Accessible, and Efficient
The Beauty of Boréal; 

Select from 21 modular designs that combine function, fabrication, efficiency and beauty.

Using both white pine and spruce to manufacture Thermologs and timber frames; optional profiles of half log, flat, or bevel may be available for your selection. Thermologs are rated at R-24.5 or R-30, and arrive in easy to store crates with a 5 year guaranteed stain finish of your choice, along with windows, doors and roofing material. Each model is priced according to selections and delivery location, and will arrive within 10-16 weeks upon ordering.
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Thermolog Technology; 

Leverages the natural look of solid timber with modern construction & installation techniques.

Available in R24.5 R-30 Thermolog technology is what sets Boréal homes apart. The techniques used to construct the modular build saves both time and money through efficiency to create an energy-efficient building with a thermal mass that surpasses Canadian standards.
Quick, Quality, Durable Modular Builds;

Complete an 1800 sq. ft. exterior build using Thermolog timbers in 12 days with 8 workers.

From modern minimalist to truly traditional, Boréal models leave endless opportunities to construct culturally and environmentally appropriate homes. Unique to Thermolog construction techniques, an 1800 sq. ft. home can be built in 768 worker hours on a poured pad or full basement.
Turnkey Solutions from $312/sq. ft;

A customizable approach to securing interior and exterior finishing leaves endless opportunity.

Each Boréal home purchase supports and is supported by the One Bowl network. We bring together First Nations Communities, Indigenous Entrepreneurs and Strategic Partners to build local skills and training, community capacity, and turnkey homes.


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Building with One Bowl shifts;
As a Boréal home distributor for First Nation Communities we’re dedicated to healthy community development. We work alongside communities, housing managers, and councils as a collaborative not for profit social enterprise that stimulates economic participation, builds a circular economy and fosters community skills development and training. And we do this directly through participation in the wood fibre supply chain.

Specifically, we identify and support opportunities for the development and expansion of Indigenous owned businesses, building the labour pool while implementing local education, training, and employment within First Nations Communities building capacity and self-sufficiency while stopping “economic leakage”. Simply put, we provide high quality homes, and together, build our First Nation communities.

We're here to help every step of the way.

Getting started; 
Book your One Bowl Consultation
Select Your Model
Work with One Bowl to build your Supply Chain or; 
Begin planning your build with preferred Suppliers

Conversation is key; 

In building homes, and new approaches in a collborative way.

We want to share our story, partner stories, and keep the conversation going about how we can promote long term-benefits in the decisions we make today.

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